At Kbella Designer Epoxy Countertops, our installers can pour directly over your existing surface without having to remove it. Applying a coating of this material can help restore or revitalize old, worn, or out-of-style bathroom and kitchen countertops.


The possibilities are endless when choosing the design of your epoxy countertops. You have many options available for colors and designs. The countertops are heat (up to 480 degree) and scratch resistant.  We pride ourselves on being effective and efficient, ensuring that you should only be without your kitchen or bathroom for a short period of time.


Pink Passion.JPG

Pink Passion

Candy Swirl.JPG

Candy Swirl

Midnight Storm.JPG

Midnight Storm

Morning Fire.JPG

Morning Fire

Tangerine Delight.JPG

Tangerine Delight

Nile River.JPG

Nile River

Color Wave.JPG

Color Wave

Orange Valcano.JPG

Orange Valcano